Our expertise reaches beyond advising on black letter law and covers key aspects of the industry’s legal and financial landscape, its commercial practices and contracting structures. Our dedicated team advises all sizes of company whether involved in Upstream, Midstream, Downstream,technology, manufacturing or oil and gas fields service provision. We are provide services across Europe, in Africa, the Caspian, the Far East and the Middle East. Through industry-specific training, our consultant have an understanding of many key disciplines and technologies including Geoscience; drilling; project economics; design and project engineering; QHSE; logistics, marine and shipping,contract law, civil and commercial law, real estate transactions, energy transactions, employment law, competition law and commercial and fiscal litigation.

Pars Aria Development Team understand the issues, can identify the risks and can provide the advice you need.In a low oil price environment, more than ever, clients need quality service at a realistic price.

Upstream Commercial Roles and responsibilities

Given our global nature, our Upstream Commercial business is wide-ranging. You could be supporting the exploration and recovery of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids, in addition to controlling the processes that bring these to market.

Roles on rotation might include:

  • Business Development Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Advisor
  • Commercial Advisor
  • Gas Advocacy Analyst
  • Petroleum Economist
  • Portfolio Advisor

In addition, your responsibilities could include:

  • Corporate Law (Incorporation, Corporate Restructuring)
  • Monitoring and reporting on market and competitor intelligence
  • Constructing economic models to inform business decisions
  • Supporting negotiations
  • Communicating with internal and external stakeholders
  • Liaising with corporate, technical, financial and legal departments
  • Identifying and executing opportunities
  • Public Procurement Rules & Contracts

Midstream Commercial Roles and responsibilities

For midstream oil and gas markets, today we provide:

  • A single source for all of our customers' flow control needs
  • Technologies that withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, from land-based to sub-sea
  • The most comprehensive portfolio of valve products in the markets where we compete
  • Value added engineering & pipeline services to the pipeline integrity market, pipeline cleaning, cleanliness assessment (PECAT™), verification of pipeline & ancillaries fitness for purpose – all of which are augmented by in-house engineered products including quick opening end closures (ROC), pig signallers, pig launcher/receiver & pipeline pigs.

 Downstream Commercial Roles and responsibilities

You’ll rotate between a variety of key roles across the Downstream Commercial business, such as:

  • Sales Account Advisor
  • Analyst
  • Marketing Project Manager
  • Pricing Advisor
  • Real Estate Acquisitions

And have the opportunity to work in business areas such as:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Strategy 
  • Pricing
  • Business development 
  • Operations

From day one you will have responsibilities, such as: 

  • Monitoring marketing activity
  • Producing value propositions for customers 
  • Developing and maintaining excellent customer relationships
  • Legal Due Diligence Reports