Pars Aria Development (TPA) provides engineering services management to creating drilling and completion procedures.

Our engineering services include:

  • Project Management
  • Drilling/Completion programs and procedures, including cost estimation
  • Workovers and Production monitoring
  • Directional planning


Pars Aria Development (TPA) has provided drilling engineering support to many companies that needed additional expertise to drill horizontal wells. With (TPA) experience drilling horizontal wells, (TPA) was able to save these operators significant capital. Drilling engineers review offset well data and current drilling practices to optimize your drilling projects. In the initial planning stages, drilling engineers provide permits and AFE estimates. Drilling engineers provide casing, cement, mud and directional plans for permitting and the drilling prognosis.(TPA) drilling engineers also assist in rig selection and help negotiate the drilling contracts. To minimize well costs, our emphasis is on drilling the most cost efficient well possible by reducing the number of drilling days. As the well is drilled, the (TPA)drilling engineers take daily calls from the drilling rigs and provide input as to well optimization – bit selection, hydraulics and drilling parameters. (TPA) engineers also work closely with on-site consultants to provide recommendations in trouble situations such as stuck pipe, sidetracks, lost circulation and fishing operations.


(TPA)has been involved with the progression of horizontal, multi-stage completions that have helped turn the Bakken into a world class oil play. (TPA)has expertise with a wide range of completion technologies including microseismic, fracture stimulation design, job execution and flow back analysis. The completion engineering and field expertise gained over the past five years by our team has allowed us to help minimize costly problems with the increasingly complex multistage horizontal completion. RPM’s frac engineers have a vast amount of experience in fracture stimulation, flow back design and implementation.

Our consultants’ experience includes high rate and high pressure fracs, slick water, linear and cross linked gel fracs, CO2, acid and diesel fracs. (TPA)provides both design and field operations engineering support. With the ever increasing demand for frac crews, clients benefit from the close relationships (TPA)has developed with suppliers and service companies.



·        Casing running

·        Completion Running

·        Cementing

·        Fracturing Service

·        Fishing

·        Perforation

·        Well head service

·        ROV

·        Mud logging

·        RSS

·        Drilling fluid engineering

·        Liner hanger

·        Waste management

·        Wire line/ Slick Line

·        Mud plant

·        Well testing (M.DST , FULL BORE DST)

·        Bulk plant

·        Acid Pumping

·        RTTS

·        N2 Pumping

·        Dry Test

·        Directional drilling /LWD,MWD

·        UBD

·        Coring

·        Air Drilling

·        Wire Line Logging

·        Coiled Tubing

·        H2s service , HSE Service