• Alternative development plan preparation
  • Project development economics
  • Design of optimal Master Development Plan (MDP)
  • Feasibility and pre-engineering studies
  • Preparing technical specifications
  • Supervision
  • Surface Facilities
  • Economics
  • Evaluation of bids and proposals for upstream projects
  • Supervision of upstream studies and project implementations     


Susangerd Field

While the global energy demand trends show successive raise ,I.R.Iran, as a liable country, understands the global anxiety and tries to play its impressive role in reliable, affordable and sustainable energy supply and decides to increase its oil and gas production.

In the policy, National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) introduces susangerd oil field for development as high potential green field. The contractual framework is supposed to be the new model of contractual scheme known as Iran Petroleum Contracts (IPC).

Location of Susangerd Field:

Susangerd onshore field is located about 45 Km. northwest of Ahwaz, in north Dezful region and south of Band-e-Karkheh field. The field is 24 kilometers long and 6 kilometers wide, located nearby of Jebhair, Azadegan, Water Temur, Mansouri and Karkheh oilfields.

Client of this field is AOGC (Arvandan Oil and Gas field Company).




The Kish Gas Field is located about 60 km east of the Lavan Island, in Persian Gulf and its structure was discovered during the geophysical interpretation of a 2D seismic survey in 1968 by the Ex-Consortium. The Kish structure is underlain the Kish Island and the surrounding waters. It is located in the border of Gavbandi Horst. The adjacent anticlines are: Chiru in the northwest and Charak in the northeast (in the coast line), Hendorabi and Lavan in west-northwest, Farur in the southeast and OSC-1 in southwest in Persian Gulf.

The Kish Gas Field is a dome-shape structure with gentle dips on the flanks which has a slight east-west elongation and has been formed by salt diapirism.