Mining Activity In Iran

-Holds 7% of the total world’s minerals

 - One of the 10 countries with large Cu, Pb, Zn, Fe reserves

 - World-class copper deposits

- Significant supplier of iron ore and chromite

- 4 the largest producer of Cement

- 10th largest producer of Steel

- One of the 10th producer of Molybdenum, Feldspar, Fluorspar, Limestone, Dimensional stone and Barite.

- More than 5800 mines in operation & >2800 abandoned mine

 - One of the leading mineral producers in the Middle East by 450Mt extraction

- Iran is one of the 15 most mineral-rich countries in the world

- employing >100,000 people directly

There are 68 types of mineral, with an estimated value of $700 billion  

- Total proven reserves of metallic and non-metallic deposits are estimated at 55 billion tons  

- Iran with roughly 1% of the world's population and area holds more than 7% of the world's total mineral reserves.  

- Metals and minerals contribute a mere 1.2% to the country’s GDP, despite Iran being the 15th most mineral-rich country

 - Before sanctions, Iran exported to 159 countries including China, India, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, and Afghanistan   

- More than 12000 known mineral occurrences

 - Iran ranks 2 and in the world for natural gas reserve and 4 the in oil reserve

- Iran has the largest and most diverse manufacturing base in the Middle east

Young educated people, Iran has a strong labor force with >55% of skilled workers

- Large domestic market

- Developed infrastructure, telecommunications, and energy

 - 12000 Km railways

- 220000 Km road network

 - 11 commercial ports

- 54 airport