Geo-Science Reservoir Characterization :

  • Seismic survey design and interpretation
  • Reservoir characterization using seismic, petrophysics, geology and reservoir engineering data.
  • Sedimentology studies
  • Petroleum geology
  • Tectonic and fracture analysis
  • Petrophysical analysis and interpretations
  • Geological and petrophysical mappings

Reservoir Engineering :

  • Reserves estimation and classification
  • Reservoir rock and fluid analysis
  • Field performance analysis
  • Production optimization in wells
  • Ultimate recovery estimates
  • Reservoir simulation studies
  • Enhanced oil recovery studies
  • Reservoir engineering studies for underground storage of gas.
  • Optimal off-take allocations

Well Testing :

  • Well test planning and design
  • On-site supervision of tests
  • Comprehensive well test analysis
  • Reservoir description using well test analysis

Production Engineering :

  • Well deliverability analysis
  • Completion design and analysis
  • Stimulation planning
  • Work over planning and design
  • Water injection and scaling studies
  • Multiphase flow studies
  • Flow string design
  • Artificial lift design and analysis
  • Sand control design and analysis
  • Reservoir production and operation management
  • Software selection, development and support